Splitting wood manually has never been so easy using the manual sledge hammer SPLITZ-ALL (made in USA)

Click on : Please find SPLITZ-ALL and SPLITZ-ASSIST tools : revolutionary cutting tool to split wood : "The Splitz-All wood splitter was created with safety in mind, but then once the prototype was complete and we started using it for our personal needs we realized so many more benefits comes from using it rather than other methods of splitting wood.  Traditional ax and maul swinging methods requires a large open area to accomplish the task of splitting wood, but with the Splitz-All wood splitter all that is needed is a area just slightly larger than the logs you are splitting and open space above.  It also leave a much cleaner work space when finished.    I like using the Splitz-All with the Splitz-Assist (chain and bungee) to drastically reduce the amount of bending and lifting, saving my back from pain and strain. Those are just a few of the many benefits that I have found.  I hope you find some of your own benefits to using the Splitz-…

How to split wood and prevent major wood splitting accidents: discover the Splitz-ALL

The SPLITZ-ALL : a revolutionary log splitter The traditional method for a log splitter has long been a choice between an ax or a powered hydraulic splitting machine. One approach requires considerable bending and stretching with good aim while the other requires a pretty fat wallet. Now there’s an alternative that overcomes both of these shortcomings. The Splitz-All manual log splitter provides an affordable, fast, and safeway to stack the woodpile sky high.